Comercio Internacional Mexicano S.A. de C.V. is a Company specialized in executive training.

After several years of working with entrepreneurs, we realized that most of the students enrolled in the entrepreneurship programs and seminars have something in common: fear 90% of adults not coming from entrepreneur families, do not think in starting a company, or they think about it with fear or thinking it is something difficult.  In some cases, they try but they abandon the project as soon as they face difficulties, they see their money is running down or the market is not answering as they expected.

On the other hand, more than 80% of entrepreneurs that continue with their projects and follow their dreams, in spite of the problems they may face, come from an entrepreneurial family. They see an example in their mothers, fathers, or any close relative who has inspired them.

When a child grows up in an entrepreneurial environment, he learns that risk, challenge and ups and downs are part of any business so he will not be afraid when he starts a business as an adult.

We teach kids to believe in themselves, leadership, self confidence, self esteem, creativity, innovation, sales, marketing, administration, finances, ethics and values while forming them as entrepreneurs.

The idea of teaching kids to create and run their own business starts in Mexico City in 2009. Today, BusinessKids has 34 centers in Mexico, Guatemala, Costa rica and The United States.