BusinessKids is an opportunity for Kids to learn entrepreneurship while they play. BusinessKids prepare kids for a better future stimulating their entrepreneurial spirit. 
Our programs were created by business consultants and psychologists to assure their quality and the correct transmission of knowledge. ·    Entrepreneurial development ·    My vocation ·    Administration ·    Creativity ·    Design ·    Computer studies ·    Teamwork ·    Sales ·    Learning to buy ·    Marketing and Publicity ·    Producing my ideas ·    Human Resources ·    Emotional Intelligence ·    Finances and Money care: How to invest my money? ·   Leadership and Self esteem ·   Communication ·   Public Relations ·   Global Thinking ·   Service ·   Coaching ·   Ethics andvalues ·    Ecology and Environment   BusinessKids was created for a global world.  We opened our first international center in Heredia, Costa Rica in May 2014

If you want to enroll a kid in our summer programs, please contact us:  direccion@businesskids.com.mx